The Great Gatsby Poem:

Author: Unknown

“There’s a story to be told about everyone,

A life story about who they are,

Where they came from,

What kind of house they live in,

And drive what kind of car.

This is part of Jay Gatsby’s story.

He had a neighbor named Nick, wh narrated the book,

He had a gardener, a butler, and a cook.

He had a huge house that settled in West Egg,

He threw great parties all the time,

And if you wanted in,

You didn’t have to beg,

You could just walk right in.

He would look across the lake he lived by at night,

Just staring at the dock with the green light.

Where lived the Buchanan’s.

He was in love with a girl named Daisy,

She drove him crazy but she was married to Tom.

Tom was married to Daisy,

But he was sleeping around with Myrtle.

He bought her a dog,

Or was it a turtle?

One day at a gathering,

Myrtle stepped out-of-place,

She mentioned Daisy’s name,

So Tom hit her in the face.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter much,

Because this story is about Gatsby.

He fought in WWI,

In all the combats,

And did I mention his real name was James Gatz.

See Gatsby was a bootlegger,

For many people it was a secret,

Because this was uncommon for a West Egger.

On one night,

After him and Tom got in a fight,

Gatsby and Daisy drove home.

For her love he did strive,

So when she asked,

He let her drive.

They didn’t have time to stop and enjoy the night life,

Because Daisy hit someone,

It was Myrtle, George’s wife.

She lied in the street as they sped away,

A little while later, up drove Tom, Jordan, and Nick Carraway.

Myrtle was now gone,

Starting to fade from people’s minds,

And will soon be a bygone.

But George wanted revenge,

And that was understood.

He walked out of his office saying

“I’m gonna get him good.”

Thinking it was Gatsby,

He walked to his house.

His anger for Gatsby he could hardly contain,

Wanting to unleash it on Gatsby,

And leave a bloodstain.

It was safe to say,

That George was insane.

He walked around to the pool,

Where Gatsby was floating.

There was no chance of changing his mind,

Because his mind was doting.

Before turning the gun on himself,

George shot Gatsby in the head,

And they both just laid there,

And bled,

And bled,

And bled.”

I like this poem because it summarizes the entire book of Gatsby into a long poem. It tells what great things Gatsby has done like taking part in World War 1, his ” business”, etc. It also tells about the story of Tom and Daisy and what is taking place in their lives. My favorite thing about this poem is the fact that Nicks life is so hectic and it tells what he puts up with throughout the entire story. It shows the hate, the love, and everything in between. This poem does not really make me feel any emotions because there are so many different things going on. Some things are better than others. There really is no real or true emotion, it all depends on how you perceive the book.

“For her love he did strive,

So when she asked,

He let her drive.”

These are my three favorite lines in the entire poem because it expressed Gatsby’s love for Daisy at an extreme level. It also tells the part of the story just as Myrtle was about to be hit and killed by Daisy driving. In the last chapter of the book, after Gatsby is murdered, it showed how selfish Daisy was and the readers got to understand that she wasn’t just the love of Gatsby’s life, but she played him to a certain extent. After the fight with Tom, Gatsby, and Daisy, Daisy went back to living her regular life with Tom and forgot about everything that her and Gatsby had. She played him because he had a lot of money. Before, she ignored him because he was poor. Gatsby never came to those conclusions, but Nick realized them. Overall, I have many mixed emotions about the book but, it was a great story to read about.